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Herbal teas originate from plentiful sources of various flowers, leaves, buds, seed and other plant components. 

Each herbal tea has its own health benefits according to its chemical composition.  Each ingredient has a variety of nutrients that are also a great addition to any diet. 


Though brewing released beneficial compounds in order to make them more available to your pets, any of these items can also be offered dry, especially the flowers. Mixing dry flowers like Calendula, Chamomile and Rose Petals/Buds into dry feed or fresh foods can be very enriching. 

The use of tea is yet another way to incorporate additional items into the diet and increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in your daily regimen.  Teas can also serve as a great enrichment tool, using a different kind each day to keep things interesting.  The many methods discussed here will hopefully all you to provide a more diverse diet for your pets and help them to thrive.


Avian Teas

Avian Teas

Clean and Pure

This tea is blended to help detoxify the body, especially major organs and tissues.

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Cool and Soothe

This tea is blended for aiding in all inflammatory conditions, including joint health, respiratory health, digestive health and other conditions caused by inflammation.

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Empower House

It's no secret that an overactive immune system is just as detrimental as an under-active one. This tea can help support balancing an optimal immune system. 

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Hormone Havoc 

All birds have the ability to suffer from "hormone havoc" that comes on from time to time, which is triggered by various environmental stimuli.  This tea is blended to help aid in balancing those hormones to help ease your bird during this transitional period. 

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Iron Out

Especially designed for iron sensitive species. 

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Metabolism can be tricky business.  This tea has been blended to support a healthy weight and allow the body to better absorb nutrients available in their diet. 

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Pretty Plume

Everyone needs a little help looking their best now and then. This tea is blended with skin conditions and your birds plumage in mind. Offer brewed for birds to drink and use as a topical for spray. 

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Serene Tea

This tea contains components that are well known for their calmative compounds. Serene-Tea blend is a great way to bring serenity to your pet's life. 

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Cavy Tea.jpeg
Cavy Tea

With the leaves, flowers and fruits available in this tea, your guinea pig's diet will become infused with some powerful nutrients that each have their own benefits.  With vitamin and mineral-rich components that also aid indigestion and immune boosting, your guinea pig will be begging for more. 

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Flew the Coop.jpeg
Flew the Coop Chicken Blend

Whether you steep it for them to drink, throw a handful in their roosting box, or mix it dry with their feed, your chickens will appreciate the diverse combinations of whole ingredients in this tea. Ingredients that act as antibacterial and anti fungal agents as well as others rich in beta carotene and other vitamins will help keep your chickens happy and healthy. 

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Grammy Rabbit.jpeg
Grammy Rabbit Tea

Rich in minerals and fiber, the ingredients in this tea are highly beneficial for the unique digestive tract of your rabbits. Rich in pigments like chlorophyll, it contains antioxidants that help maintain healthy cells and keep your rabbit in prime condition. 

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Perky Pig.jpeg
Perky Pig Formula 

This tea helps support organ function, especially liver and gall bladder health, balance hormone levels, reduce anxiety and anti-inflammation, condition skin and also helps support healthy digestive and immune system.  Packed with beneficial pigments, vitamins and minerals, your pig will love  both the tea and the leftover leaves and flowers. 

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Repta-Herp Blend

Whether you're soaking your tortoises, preparing a salad for your bearded dragon, or enriching the diet for your uromastyx, this tea can be used in a host of a ways and offer nutritional benefits in the flowers and leaves they love.  Brewing this tea and soaking your reptiles in it once cooled can be helpful not only for their digestion, but also condition their skin. 

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Rodentia Tea

It is no secret that rodents feed on a host of different plants, so this tea helps to provide more of a varied diet. Rodents like rats, hamsters and mice can drink this tea once it is brewed and/or consume it dry in their food.  Chinchillas however, have adapted to eating dry grasses and vegetable matter so this blend was created to be added dry directly to their diet.  In order to increase the diversity offered to a sometimes boring diet, fruits and flowers were blended to enrich the life of your chinchilla.  

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Farm & Animal Tea

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