Hello, I placed my first order for my parrotlets based on a recommendation from a breeder. I noticed my three parrotlets had alot of pin feathers and seemed to be in a constant molt. Their feathers had lost their sheen and I was concerned about their health. I added fresh sprouts as well as sprinkled your avian tea on their fresh food and the change has been amazing. The Hormone Havoc, Serene & Plumage teas have made all the difference and the best part my birds love it!! Now my parakeet gets it too as he was sneaking into the parrotlets cage to eat. Thank you for providing such wonderful avian products that my flock loves!! - Cathleen T.

Hi. Wanted to tell you that I ordered your Miracle Skin Salve about two weeks ago. I have birds but I ordered it for me. I've been trying to heal a skin spot/scab issue on my stomach. And in two weeks time with the skin salve I've seen a huge improvement! My dad accidently suffered a burn on his wrist from a hot water pipe. So I've been using the skin salve on him two. In less than a week, it shows great signs of healing. Just wanted to say thank you for your clean product that helps heal. So glad you make it and so glad I found ya'll on FB. Thank you - Shana 

Really love the foraging mix. It smells amazing! And it seems to be helping me get my BFA to try new foods. She’s proven to be a tough conversion. 

Holly T.

“ALL my 58+ avain family members are on the teas in a rotating fashion combined with a very expansive nutritional support system ALL look GREAT and a few of my kids that require

special attention and are also doing VERY well!

KEEP up your AWESOME research and product line !!

jj (just jersey) cave creek, az”

Amazing product. Heard about you through Louann from Parrots R Us on Instagram. Wow wow! Thank u!!!! Top notch ingredients and very happy flock! Have a customer for life!! - MV

I love your philosophy and your products!   For years I have tried to view foods as healing alternatives.   However, I know there is a great deal to know when using herbs since some can have powerful effects.  The research was daunting, so when I heard about your teas, I was excited that the work had already been done by experts - to compile the best, safest combination for various issues!  My parrots enjoy their tea, and I have some with them!   Each time I open the bag, I stop to inhale the amazing fresh scent.  Can I say, again, I love you!!!!!!        Thanks for a consistently superior product.


Five Stars for sure!   My Cody (Quaker Parakeet) LOVES his tea.  Easy shopping experience and delivery is sooooo fast!  Thanks so much for providing such a quality product and the best service. - Diane

We love the Hormone Havoc Tea! It is light and refreshing, and oh yes, we do let our bird have some, too! - Allyson

Hi there, 

First off thank you for very fast process and shipment! Even with the current situation I still received my order in a short amount of time. I have not tried  the tea on all my birds yet, but the ones that did have it absolutely loved it. I’m hoping the hormone havoc will help my IRN get thru her breeding stage(she’s a pet) a bit easier

I also sprinkle it dry on their fresh food here and there . They love it. I am also a tea lover , so I enjoy a cup of my selected tea with some local raw honey quiet often. Absolutely tasty!!!

Thank you again. I will be placing an order again soon.
Have a blessed day 

Kathy Brooks

"My girls love their teas they've been drinking them for almost a year...I have definitely noticed a difference in their feathers.. Their colors are brighter and their silky soft. I have a 8.5 year old blue quaker and have had ger since she was 10 weeks and I have our almost 19 month old Black Capped Conure who we've also had since she was 10 weeks." - Catherine R.


“Great product to increase the longevity of my Toucan’s health.
Excellent quality!”

Marlene B

A Miracle!

I have a female umbrella cockatoo named Tyler. We moved from Florida to Alaska almost seven years ago. Once Tyler got a taste of the midnight sun she was thrown into hormone havoc. Constant masturbation to the point we were taking toys away. During the summer she lays two to three eggs a month. A week ago I started giving her your hormone havoc tea. For the last 3 days she has not masturbated at all.  She is calm and happy. I pray this continues! Thank you so much! I have tried many things. This is the first time we have hope! 


"Thank you for my recent order of Hormone Havoc tea which I use for my 15 year old umbrella cockatoo! I use it every day & I recommend it to all the cockatoo owners who post hormone problems with their birds on Facebook! Thank you for your wonderful teas!"

“I just wanted to say thank you for my shipment! Great product and quality! My birds are so happy! Thank you again for fast friendly service!”

I LOVE your teas!  5 stars!!!  Ordering from you is easy and convenient.



Excellent service, everthing was packed well.

My CAG and male Ekkie love it! I sprinkle it onto their meal.

I have yet to brew because I'm waiting for a kettle I ordered.

Mahalo from Hawaii


Love, love, love your teas!!

Keep doing what you are doing!


Shopping was pretty easy. I am so excited about the teas. My macaw is very finicky and I use them in her food. Can always tell when she is needing more for hormones. Especially during spring. Thank you for being there to purchase. These bags of teas last a very long time using them dry!