"My girls love their teas they've been drinking them for almost a year...I have definitely noticed a difference in their feathers.. Their colors are brighter and their silky soft. I have a 8.5 year old blue quaker and have had ger since she was 10 weeks and I have our almost 19 month old Black Capped Conure who we've also had since she was 10 weeks." - Catherine R.

“Great product to increase the longevity of my Toucan’s health.
Excellent quality!”

Marlene B

A Miracle!

I have a female umbrella cockatoo named Tyler. We moved from Florida to Alaska almost seven years ago. Once Tyler got a taste of the midnight sun she was thrown into hormone havoc. Constant masturbation to the point we were taking toys away. During the summer she lays two to three eggs a month. A week ago I started giving her your hormone havoc tea. For the last 3 days she has not masturbated at all.  She is calm and happy. I pray this continues! Thank you so much! I have tried many things. This is the first time we have hope! 


"Thank you for my recent order of Hormone Havoc tea which I use for my 15 year old umbrella cockatoo! I use it every day & I recommend it to all the cockatoo owners who post hormone problems with their birds on Facebook! Thank you for your wonderful teas!"

“I just wanted to say thank you for my shipment! Great product and quality! My birds are so happy! Thank you again for fast friendly service!”

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