Travel Size Miracle Skin Salve

All of the amazingness of the Miracle Skin Salve, just in a convient travel size! 

We have taken ingredients from our Pretty Plume tea blend and created a miracle skin salve. Not only can you use this salve on your four legged household pets but also the barnyard ones too. It's great for soothing minor cuts, bruises, abrasions and anything that needs a jump start!  Miracle Skin Salve also great on your companion bird's feet and beak!  Don't forget a little self-care and use it for yourself on cracked feet, elbows, crows feet, cuts, abrasions, bug bites, working hands and much more! It does all of this and that's why we had to call it Miracle Skin Salve.


If product liquifies due to warmer temperatures, simply place in refrigeration or a cool dark place, and it will solidify. 



Coconut Oil*, Calendula*, Dandelion Root* & Leaf*, Cucumber*, Chamomile* and Lemon Grass*, and now with Bees Wax*

organic ingredients marked with *

Travel Size Miracle Skin Salve