Tasty Tidbits

Your bird will LOVE our new treat mix! We have taken some tasty healthy ingredients and added some tasty freeze-dried treats, which in turn has created some pretty Tasty Tidbits! The perfect blend of flavor and nutrition! Add it to fresh/dry diets or place it in foraging toys to get your bird to enjoy enrichment. You can also simply give it as a tasty reward or treat. 

Recommended for small(ish)/medium to large parrots.

Small Bag is about 2.5oz and Medium Bag is about 5.5oz

Supplies are Limited. 



Freeze Dried Mixed Berries* (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries)

Raspberry Leaf*

Dehydrated Banana Chips*



Rose Hips*

Raw Almonds*

Raw Walnuts*

Organic Ingredients Marked With * 


Tasty Tidbits