The Hormone Devil

That time of year is upon us again. As the days get longer and the sun uses it's rays to waken things up, like flowers, grass, tree buds, it also awakens something else that we wish was remain in a cozy slumber. Hormones.

Those pesky things that turn our lovely feathered companions into grouchy, moody, Mr. Hyde, piranhas, and yes, it happens overnight.

I was told by a dear friend who has decades of experience in running one of the largest parrot sanctuaries in the Pacific Northwest, when you see any sign of hormones... turn your thermostat down a degree or two. Also, do NOT let them hide behind furniture or anything that is out of sight. Most parrots breed in tree caverns, so playing behind a couch, a potted plant, in your bathroom or those huts you buy in a store, or anywhere quiet, warm and dark is the igniter in their little bodies that says, "it's time to procreate".

These behaviors can lead to your bird becoming Cujo in a day, and we as humans say "I can't take it personally", but when your bird is hanging from your skin with a death-grip and you feel pain like no other, honestly it is kind of hard not to.

Another topic of hormones is egg laying. The truth is, some birds lay eggs more than others. It can be a fact of owning a female bird. However there are dangers that go along with egg laying. Lowered calcium levels, from too much egg laying can happen and then there is the dreaded egg binding, which essentially can kill your bird. If your bird starts laying eggs, get advice from someone with experience or if possible, your avian vet.

Another situation is diet. Diet can also be a trigger or hormones. Diverse, non-processed, raw diets is the best thing you can give your birds.

Is your bird going to get hormonal? Yep, however you can help adjust the intensity.

Of course I have to mention Greywood Manor Hormone Havoc tea blend, which helps keep hormones in balance and in check, naturally. This is one of our most popular blends, especially this time of year. Does it work? Yep, if you offer it daily. It can change your bird's world, and yours. I especially recommend people marking down the times of year when hormones "come a courtin'" and start it a week or two before. This can help prevent huge hormone swings. However, you have to use it in correlation with correcting the above mentioned behaviors and scenarios. Our tea blends are amazing and in some instances miracle workers, but if you're sending your bird mixed signals and their hormones are in full flight (see what I did there), it's like trying to stop a freight train. Do yourself a favor, take away the hormone devil's train ticket...

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