Simmer Down Suzie!!

I don't know if you are like us, but we love our pets and we also like a good smelling house. Sometimes with dogs, cats, birds, fish and the gamut of other pets inside the home, we go a bit nose blind. Prior to owning parrots I had no idea that amounts of chemicals that are in scented.... well anything. Plug ins, candles, spray air fresheners, those adorable little gel things that look like cones. Yep, we had them everywhere in our house. However, when Dexter the Timneh African Grey came along, I had thankfully done my research and figured out they weren't good for our animals, and to be quite frank, we were ingesting and enjoying the synthetic fragrances, and not too mention all of those delicious chemicals along with it.

Cutting the chord was not easy, and trust me, I looked into everything I could. Not to say our house smelled, I simply wanted something out of the norm from time to time, or that smell that brought back memories. However finding something that was questionable and might do damage to our birds, was absolutely not on the table. What was I going to do? I got creative, that's what.

I learned all about simmer pots and found the best ingredients I could and simmered them on our stove. Anytime company would come over, they would ask, "What is that amazing smell?", and I explained to them exactly the importance of eliminating the HUNDREDS of chemicals they were inhaling via scented candles and plug ins. It was at that time I decided to create our Simmer Down Suzies (named after my mother)and offer it for our customers, who might be feeling the same frustration and confusion in the world of pet safe scents. Currently we are only offering the Fall Scent, however more are on the horizon. The premise is, open the bag, add water and simmer. It's that easy. It can take a bit for all of the goodness to open up, but have no fear, your house will smell amazing in no time. When the water runs low, simply add more water. When the day is over, you can drain the pot ingredients into a mason jar or sealed container and store in the fridge. It's good for up to four to five days. Your pet loving house will be filled with amazing aromas in no time! Enjoy!

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