Holistic & Natural.... Why?

When owning pets, it’s important to get the right information and the right care for their ailments and issues etc. Of course, I was that pet owner who took advice as gospel, and I never asked questions. Until we discovered Dr. Karen Becker (which I had been watching her videos for years before knowing we would have the opportunity to work with her) and Dr. Jason Crean. I interviewed Jason for a segment I liked to call Chats on my blog parrot earth. It was just a question answer article, and nothing too big and fancy, or as I like to say “nothing that was going to cure a major debilitating disease”. However, we realized we had the same vision for the needed degree of diversity in nutrition for the avian community.

You see, I’m from a medical family, and I had my stint in the medical world. As short-lived as it was (emergency medicine has a high burn out rate) I enjoyed the cause and effect of physiology and it was during this time I was introduced to the world of aromatherapy, meditation, essential oils, and herbs to help battle my stress. After years of reading and researching I wanted started to use these practices on my own pets and expand their quality of life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe there is a time and place for eastern and western medicine. I love when they can come together and work in tandem. Eastern medicine has been practiced and effective for millennia, and why not use something that is all natural, instead of start with something invasive with ingredients you cannot pronounce, nor find out what interactions they will have with the physiology of your pet.

I love Dr. Karen Becker’s ideology of starting on a scale of 1-10. 1 being as holistic and natural as possible, and then working your way up to 10, which is human made medicine. Unfortunately, we live in such an instant gratification society, it’s all about taking the pill that will curb the symptom, instead of attempting to treat the root. Also, the draw-back of that philosophy is sometimes those instant gratification treatments can come with their own side effects. So, you end up treating more side effects than what your started with. Again, I do not think Western medicine is bad, I just think maybe take the time to treat something starting from 1 and working your way over to 10. I especially love more and more veterinarians are now looking into other measures, and finding alternative to quick fixes. Greywood Manor has more and more veterinary professionals recommending our products and also selling our products in their practices.

Nutrition is also a key factor in every living thing. Me, you, pets, plants, the planet itself. We, as living things cannot function on bad nutrition. Things break down, and then eventually everything stops. Quality nutrition can keep the body moving and improve the longevity of life. It can help with ailments, inflammation, and all of the nasty things that come from processed foods.

I have said healing from within and it’s something I truly believe in. I have seen various products on the market that claim to be the miracle treatment for plucking, or anxiety and don’t show the ingredients. I’m sorry, but if I don’t know what’s in a spray claiming to be all natural I’m not going to spray it on my parrot. I’m also not going to give my dogs something that is full of chemicals, when I know natural alternatives can be used in treating anxiety during fireworks or thunderstorms. You should also be careful of labeling, something that says it's all natural or organic may have that attached to the name of the product and actually not have those quality ingredients in the product.

So before you immediately go for the quick fix, do your research on what you are introducing into your pet’s body, and the long term effects it can cause. You’ll thank yourself later and your beloved companion will also thank you.

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