Autumn Letter from Sheldon

As some of you know and some of you may not know, our Golden Retriever, Sheldon, well is a bit of a diva. We have known this since the day he picked us as his new family. Granted, I truly don't think we really had quite the comprehension of the side-eye looks, morose pouting, tantrums and just need for attention. Sheldon has written some items here and there over the years (you have probably read them if you were/are a fan of my writing in the parrot community), and his favorite is to drop a good old letter, what can I say, he has a flair for the reminiscent craft of letter writing. Here's what I received this am.

disclaimer* - Sheldon would like it noted he did most of this and I did very minor editing.*

Dear Family,

As you know, since Sampson (our new 8.5 month old Doberman puppy) moved in, I have attempted to be very patient. Patient with sharing, patient with my dog beds, patient with my, well everything. I seem to remember having to share space with two feathered demons when we lived in a smaller house, now they have their own office. I also seem to remember being introduced to the Schnauzers. I told you after each one, I wasn't open to any more new members of the family. Now Sampson? I find it disconcerting, when I am attempting to nap, he insists on trying to cuddle, lick my face, or play with my toys. Frankly, it's plain rude.

I would like to make a few suggestions, if I may.

Firstly, I would like to have the second spare room as my own. I know it's hard to think about me growing up and going off on my own(ish), but every parent must go through it. I also realize Nana stays there when she comes to visit, but it's not often, and she would understand, because she loves me.

Second, I would like Sampson to move out to the garage. It would increase his independence, and really give him a chance to find his own self-esteem and confidence as a dog. I think that is truly important for any puppy, and realistically, he is not going to win the hearts of the many, like myself, so why not give him the "alone" time he is going to need to get used to when his rising star fizzles out.

Unfortunately that is all I have for now, I need to potty, and then take my morning after breakfast nap. Please take into consideration the utmost priority of my requests, and please get back to me.

All my best,


I am still crafting a response to this. Stay Tuned.

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