Our Origins

Greywood Manor is a small family business located outside of beautiful Seattle, Washington bringing you the best in all natural artisan products for your animals.

B.D. Butler  was raised on a small barley farm  where he raised many farm, exotic and domestic animals.  B.D. fell in love with an older Timneh African Grey named Dexter, who needed a new home.  It was shortly after that B.D. began Parrot Earth, a website about the journey into rehoming parrots, and writing about his experiences.  Along this journey, B.D. was introduced to the wonderment of holistic medicinal methods and adding new forms of dietary nutrition to the lives of companion birds and other animals, thereby improving their quality and quantity of life.  It was at that time, Greywood Manor Tea & Provisions was born.  

With the help of a creative team, including a biologist and a board certified holistic veterinarian, the tea blends and other artisan products have been brought to you with the goal of adding extra benefit to the lives of your pets, enhancing their quality of life and essentially making your life easier.

We appreciate your interest into our products and please know that we use every product we offer on our website, in our own home. 

At Team Greywood, we realize customer service in this day and age is lacking and there is almost no  “personal touch” anymore.  We take great pride in our customer service model and we also take into consideration how much you, as our customer, value your pets as family and we want you to know we value your business and greatly appreciate your support.  


Thank you for your interest in Greywood Manor Tea & Provisions and we look forward to serving your entire family.


  T eam Greywood 

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